Golf Carts for Sale in Palm Beach Gardens

Shopping for Palm Beach golf carts? Welcome to Custom Cart Connection, where we specialize in offering a diverse range of golf carts that suit the unique needs of families, the elderly, and beachgoers in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. If you're in the market for golf carts for sale in Palm Beach Gardens, you've come to the right place.

Aerial view of where Palm Beach Golf Carts are located

Why Choose a Golf Cart?

If you live in Palm Beach, golf carts can be a game changer. Here are a few ways they can change your life.

Golf Carts for West Palm Beach Florida

Beat the Florida Heat

Walking under the hot Florida sun can be a draining experience. With our Palm Beach golf carts, you can travel in comfort, dodging both the heat and the chillier weather.

Mobility Solutions

Our carts offer an excellent option for the elderly or people with limited mobility, making travel convenient and accessible.

Navigate Heavy Traffic

Florida's crowded streets are no match for our nimble golf carts. Zip through traffic and save valuable time during your day.

Easy Parking

During peak tourist season, parking can be a nightmare. Golf carts can park in smaller spaces, making life easier for you.


With electric options available, you can also do your part for the environment while cruising around town.

Our Palm Beach Golf Cart Brands

We are proud to feature an assortment of brands, each catering to different needs and preferences:

Palm Beach Garden golf cart from ICON
  • ICON. Custom Cart Connection offers ICON golf carts for sale for those looking for customization options. With ICON, you have the freedom to tailor your cart, making it uniquely yours. All ICON carts are street-legal.

  • Tomberlin. If you're eco-conscious, Tomberlin is the brand for you. With a focus on sustainability, Tomberlin delivers top-notch, street legal carts that are as gentle on the environment as they are on the road.

  • EPIC. For those who crave innovative design and cutting-edge technology, EPIC is the go-to brand. Offering an array of high-tech features, EPIC ensures you're at the forefront of golf cart technology. And yes, all of our EPIC golf carts for sale are street-legal.

  • Vivid EV. Want an electric cart with reduced emissions and a quieter ride? Vivid EV is the brand for you. These street legal carts offer an eco-friendly, peaceful journey, perfect for enjoying the scenic beauty of Palm Beach Gardens.

Why Choose Custom Cart Connection?

Whether you are looking for 4-seater golf carts, 6-seater golf carts, or 8-seater golf carts, we are your go-to source for golf carts for sale in Palm Beach Gardens. When you shop with us, you'll get our:

  • Quality: We guarantee high-quality, street legal carts tailored to your needs.
  • Service: Whether it’s parts, customization, or maintenance services, we've got you covered.
  • Expertise: Our team of experts will guide you through every step, ensuring you make the best choice.

Shop Custom Cart Connection for Your Palm Beach Golf Cart Needs!

Interested? Request a quote or give us a call. We’re more than happy to help you find the perfect golf cart that fits your lifestyle and needs. Browse all our golf carts for sale and find the perfect ride. Make Custom Cart Connection your preferred choice for golf carts for sale in Palm Beach Gardens. Contact us today and let us put you in the driver's seat of comfort, convenience, and style.