Golf Cart Warranty

ICON® EV stands behind every golf cart we sell.

Starting in 2023 all-new ICON® vehicles come standard with a 3-year manufacturer’s limited warranty and a 2-year warranty on AGM batteries, or an 8-year warranty on ECO Lithium batteries (3 years full replacement value, and 5 years prorated.)

ICON® EV (Manufacturer) warrants each ICON® branded golf cart sold by ICON®, or any of its authorized dealers or distributors worldwide, to be free of defects for a determined period from the date of sale. Within the warranty time frame, subject to the issues listed below, ICON® EV will repair or replace the golf cart and/or parts of the golf cart if the components in question are defective in materials or workmanship.

Will ICON® pay to have my cart delivered to the dealer for warranty repairs?

No. Any and all expenses incurred in transporting the vehicle to and from ICON® or an authorized dealer will be the sole responsibility of the cart owner